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Valentine's Day Ride to Choccolocco Mountain in Alabama -

Southern Offroad hosts rides to parks throughout the year. To kick off each year we take an adventure to Choccolocco Mountain to celebrate the dreaded V-Day doing what we love, wheeling! Each year this tradition grows - we look forward to the new faces and returning faces!

Other trails in Georgia worth experiencing - 

Southern Offroad has been invited to numerous trails during the year - take a look at a few of our favorite images from these trails in North Georgia.

Area 7 - Georgia Jeepers Events - 

Southern Offroad started this year off photographing a few events hosted by Georgia Jeepers at Area 7. Area 7 is a piece of private property that was donated to GJ so they could host events to spread the word about God and promote fellowship among Jeepers in  Georgia. Check out a few of our favorite images from those events.

Boser Wolf JeepFest - Helen, GA - 

Southern Offroad was the OFFICIAL Photographer for this event for the 2nd year in a row! We love hanging out with you guys in Helen and capturing all these amazing shots! This years event had two private properties to play on - Area 51 and 2M Rock Garden. Downtown, the City of Helen and local businesses got together and hosted a concert, bon fire and so much more! We look forward to year 3, let's get DIRTY!

All images are Southern Belle Group, Southern Belle Photography & Southern Offroad Collection - Copyright, 2016